It's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle!!


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Get in Shape Anytime, Anywhere

Achieving a healthy and fit physique has never been this convenient. Fredrick, the owner of FredFit365 in San Diego, California, introduces a mobile gym featuring everything you can do in a fitness center but in a place of your choice, which saves you time and energy.

He could provide you with the state-of-the-art exercise machines and weights made in Australia so you can bring them to use in group camps, beach trips, and any other special events. To get started or register for any training program, simply give Fredrick a call or send him an email!

Training Session Packages Available

  • Individual Session - 5 sessions for $125.00, 10 sessions for $200.00
  • Unlimited Sessions - $150.00 per Month
  • Group Sessions - $15.00 per Person
  • Drop In Fee - $20.00

For your convenience, Fredrick accepts either a full monthly payment or biweekly installments.

The Signature Training Program

One of the main packages here at FredFit365 is the Strength & Stretch. This includes a 30-minute cardio-induced strength conditioning training followed by 30-minute cool down exercises inspired by yoga and Pilates stretch techniques taught by our yogi, Cheryl Parks.

Free Consultations

To serve you better, Fredrick offers interested parties with a complimentary 30-minute trial with equipment and instruction. For more information about the mobile exercise equipment, feel free to visit 360 Body WorX.

FredFit365 Merchandise

Purchase uniquely designed apparel from FredFit365. Feel free to browse through the products listed below.

  • Tank Tops (White Only) - $15.00
  • Baseball Tees (Green, Red, Black, Navy Blue, and Blue) - $25.00
  • Hoodies (Gray, Black, White, and Red) - $40.00

Aside from the apparel mentioned above, Fredrick also sells stickers for $4.99 with free shipping.

*Sizes range from S-XXL. Shipping fee is $3.99, and handling fee is $1.99.

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